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Fuliggine backupper relased E-mail Print
Written by Administrator  
Wednesday, 07 June 2006

Sample Image - FuliggineBackupper.png



How may times do you lost data from your hard disk?
I'm sure that ,to prevent any loss of data, you do periodically some copy of your most important folder and files.
You agree with me that if the number of project and folder are hight this isnt easy.
In fact is a little hard to backup manually every day some data and remember where the backup copies are.
Some times ago I lost lost some imortant data from my H.D. ,so I started to write a simple application who manage backups.
My first idea was built a program that manage some different project to let me to associate some ammount of files toghether.
The second fact is that a project must contains files or also folder. So in my program i define a class called ITEM ,witch can be a file or a folder.
After that I allowed the program to compress all the ITEMS in a single zip file named with the current date/time.All the zip of the same project are stored in the same folder named with project name.
To do this I use a freeware library called ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
After that I sincronize all thi feature in a simple and cool IDE.
All the images are loaded at runtime to allow to change it without re.built the executable and to allow(in future) a skinnablization of this application.
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First of all You must create a project in witch you can add as items you want. To do this you simply click the add project button (the one with the icon with a box an plus).
this window will appeare:

Please write a name(not null) and press OK. After that add the items by clicking the add item button (the one with book an plus).
This window will appeare:

you can choose more then one file or chose an intere folder. All the sub-folder an their files will be included.
Remember to save your project before close the application(if you want that)
You can choose to backup one single project or all the project.
You can simply open the backups folder clicking in the bank button.
IMPORTANT: this program use a folder in C drive called "temp_Backupper". All the dat in this folder are temporaney and will be deleted after the backupper execution. Back to index

Source Code

All the features are done by Project manager control.look at the source code for more info. In the next days I will explain the code line by line,but at the moment the comments in the code should be suffuicent. Back to index


This is only one of the possible solutions.Maybe isn't the better,but I think that's simple and fast.For every advice,question or problem please contact me . If You would see my other work please visit my home page: http://zeppaman.altervista.org
Last Updated ( Wednesday, 07 June 2006 )
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